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What makes one person more special than another one? There are over 7 billion people in the world, many of which I haven’t met I guess, but I have have still met and seen and heard of a lot of people. So, why does one stick out from the rest? I don’t know that there is something significantly special about her. She is beautiful, but there are a lot of beautiful people in the world and I’ve never been one to care to much about looks anyways. She does have an awesome personality, but so do many other people. So, why out of all the people I have met is she so far superior to the rest? She is all I ever think about. The moment I saw her I KNEW she was the one, I don’t know why, but I still believe it to be true. When she speaks to me my very being is ecstatic. When I see her, no matter what ails me, I feel better and smile with a wide grin I had never known before. The thought of her presence rises such a passion inside me, I could hold her in my arms forever and let time pass and be all the happier knowing she was safe with me. Alas, she is not just the source of my happiness but my sorrow as well. This person who’s beauty surpasses all the nebulae in the universe, who’s soul is that of a goddess, who’s very existence fills my life with splendor, barely even knows I exist.  



My general manager at the fast food place where I work didn’t feel like actually cleaning the door to the walk-in cooler.. so she just spray painted over it… Wow…

Oh my god! Are you serious!!! And it’s not even that hard to clean the doors.

Yeah, she also spray painted the weird optical illusion square vent things lol, but everytime I came out of the cooler i would get paint on my hands/gloves and wash/change them. It was really annoying. Finally, I started remembering and just opened it with my foot. 

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